Personnel Policy

1.  The library director shall be responsible for the selection, appointment and supervision of all personnel, paid and volunteers. Specific personnel duties and responsibilities are contained in job descriptions.

2.  The performance of all staff members shall be evaluated annually by the library director following the performance review process approved by the Board of Trustees (Board). The library director shall be evaluated by the Board.

3. Personnel shall be paid according to the Town of Charlton's salary schedule for the current fiscal year. Significant changes in job description and responsibility shall be compensated with a salary increase to be determined by the Town of Charlton. The Board may adjust salary/wages within the library budget if deemed necessary.

4.The days and times that an employee is scheduled to work shall be determined by the director.

5. All other Personnel Policy established by the Town of Charlton is to be followed.


Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Charlton Public Library August 5, 2004