Charlton Public Library is Fine-Free!

When you check out Charlton Library materials, you will still have 3 weeks to borrow them, but if they are returned late, you will not have any overdue fines.

Items that are very overdue will automatically be marked "Lost" and a replacement fee will remain on your account until the item is returned in good condition. Patrons with fees of $10.00 or more on their account may not check out materials. 

Overdue fines will still accrue on items from other libraries. 

Replacement fees will be assessed for lost items and items returned in damaged condition.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Charlton Library Items

Option 1: Pay the replacement cost of the item.
The library cannot give refunds for lost items that have already been paid for. You may keep the item or donate it back to the library. 

*Option 2: Provide a NEW replacement copy.
We do not accept used items as replacements. This option is available for Charlton items ONLY. Replacement copies for missing or damaged items belonging to another library will not be accepted as per our reciprocal borrowing agreement through CWMARS. 

Library Policies

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