Gift Policy

The Charlton Public Library welcomes gifts of print and non-print materials with the understanding that the gift will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria and objectives by which purchased materials are judged. While gifts are welcomed, they are received with the understanding that they become the property of the library. The Library cannot accept gifts under restricted conditions. The Library may retain the gift and add it to its collection, dispose of it at its discretion, or donate it to another organization including but not limited to, the Friends of the Charlton Public Library or the Charlton Historical Society. The lLibrary may refuse any gift that does not contribute to its mission and purpose.

The Library will not be responsible for providing a statement of value to the donor for tax or other purposes, but will acknowledge receipt of the gift. The acceptance of a gift which has been appraised by a third disinterested party in no way implies an endorsement by the Library of that appraisal.

The Library will acknowledge memorial gifts by means of a special bookplate that identifies both the donor and the person in whose memory the item is given.

The Charlton Public Library encourages donors to make their monetary gifts payable to the Charlton Public Library Charitable Trust Fund or to the Friends of the Charlton Public Library. Each of these organizations provides support exclusively to the Library and its services and programs. Monetary gifts may be unrestricted or designated as memorials or tributes to honor a friend or relative. The Library will acknowledge all monetary gifts.

Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Charlton Public Library September 4, 2003