Distribution of Free Literature Policy and Bulletin Board Policies

As a public service, the Charlton Public Library allows community groups to disperse fliers, pamphlets, newsletters, etc. in areas designated by Library staff. The organization or publisher submitting literature is solely responsible for its contents. Material is selected for its information value to the community. The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of the organization or publisher submitting literature, but retains the right to reject literature that creates a barrier to entry and infringes upon a patron’s right to safely and freely access the Library. Literature of a commercial nature will not be distributed. All requests for distribution of materials should be referred to the Library Director. Due to limited space, the Library reserves the right to limit the quantity distributed by any one person or group. Only material that is directly library-related will be placed on, kept at, or distributed from the circulation desk. There will be no solicitation on library premises and in no case, will the Library sell material or collect money on behalf of another agency or organization. In some cases, samples of items for sale by Charlton organizations may be displayed in the Library with a notice directing patrons where they may purchase the item or who to contact to purchase the item.

Community Bulletin Board Policy

The same general regulations apply to the posting of community events as to the distribution of free literature. The bulletin board, located in the main entrance lobby, is available for public notices of community interest, as determined by the Library Director. All requests for postings will be submitted to the Library Director or Assistant Director for approval before posting. When space is limited, preference is given first to Library-sponsored events, then Charlton events, then central region events, and then to events within the state. Once notices are posted, they become Library property and will be disposed of when the information is no longer current or at the discretion of the Library Director. Undated material will be posted for one month. Posting of material does not imply endorsement of the contents or of the sponsoring organization. No commercial or business advertising is permitted and any unapproved notices will be removed by library staff. 



Approved and accepted by the Board of Library Trustees 10/18/2007
Amended 10.17.17